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MinorMonitor Surveys 1,000 Parents of Children on Facebook, Shares Results on Realities, Parental Concerns

April 11, 2012
38% of Children on Facebook Are 12 or Under, 40 of 1,000 are 6 years old or younger; Number One Concern of Parents Is Online Sexual Predators.   In a survey* of 1,000 parents of children under 18 years old who use Facebook, MinorMonitor found that over 38% of the children with accounts are 12 […] Continue reading »

MinorMonitor Enables Multi-Child Monitoring for Parents to Keep Tabs on Facebook Activities

August 31, 2011
MinorMonitor today announced multi-child monitoring capabilities for parents to track the Facebook activities of up to fourchildren. When the free, web-based tool launched in mid-May, it supported monitoring for one child. Multi-child capabilities were always on the roadmap, and turned on today, to support requests from a user base growing daily. “We built this product […] Continue reading »

Infoglide Launches MinorMonitor, A Free Tool for Parents to Monitor Their Child’s Facebook Activities

May 19, 2011
Free Web-Based Tool Created By 15 Year Government-Grade Technology Company Gives Parents Peace of Mind Through a View Into Their Child’s Facebook Account With Alerts on Dangerous Activities and Friends. Continue reading »

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Thirty-eight percent of kids on Facebook under 13?

April 13, 2012
There’s no reason to be worried that your kids are using Facebook. After all, the age limit is 13, so Facebook’s expert surveillance tools will, like a fine barkeep, immediately spot an underage participator and toss him into purgatory for a year or two. Or not quite. Continue reading »

Facebook Before Kindergarten?

April 11, 2012
Apparently this is a rule made to be broken. A recent survey by MinorMonitor found that plenty of children under 13 are Facebook members, and an appreciable number of tots 6 and under have Facebook accounts. Continue reading »

Sexual Predators Are Top Concern for Parents of Kids on Facebook, According to MinorMonitor

April 11, 2012
A survey released today by MinorMonitor, a free web-based tool for monitoring kids’ Facebook accounts, found that not only are there countless kids on Facebook under the age of 12, but that of 1,000 parents surveyed, 40 children under the age of six were reported to have Facebook accounts as well. Continue reading »

Track Your Child’s Facebook Activities with MinorMonitor

January 5, 2012
These days we often see parents of our friends joining the Facebook, this can be for two simple reasons either to keep in touch of their children or just to keep track of his/her activities. If you are a parent of some kid who is addicted to Facebook and are looking some way to monitor his or her activity, then here is a simple way. Continue reading »

PC World Review of MinorMonitor

October 25, 2011
MinorMonitor offers a comprehensive overview of your child’s Facebook activity. And it’s free. There’s a lot to like here. Continue reading »

Minor Monitor Provides Parent’s With Robust Facebook Monitoring For Child Acccounts

September 9, 2011
Minor Monitor is the perfect application if you have children using the Facebook social network and you want to keep an eye on their activity. The program allows parents to track up to four children from one screen, keeping an eye on the age of their friends and even profanity used in their posts. Continue reading »

20 Best Facebook Apps

July 26, 2011
This isn’t strictly speaking a Facebook app, but it’s a program parents should know about. It’s an entirely Web-based parental control tool for monitoring a minor’s Facebook usage, complete with hourly graphs of what took place, IDs of friends, word-use monitoring, and email alerts sent to parents. Unlike the competition from Net Nanny and Trend Micro, this one is totally free for tracking one kid’s account. Continue reading »

New Free Web App To Monitor Kids Online

July 20, 2011
More than 1,500 parents have already downloaded a new web application by Austin company Infoglide Software, called Minor Monitor. It promises to alert parents when children become potential victims of online dangers. According to Infoglide Vice President and General Manager Mike Betron, the app uses sophisticated algorithms to identify dangerous activities on Facebook, such as cyber-bullying, hate crimes, drug usage, solicitation and suspicious friends. Continue reading »

Review of MinorMonitor by CBS Denver

July 13, 2011
Continue reading »

Cool Mom Tech

June 30, 2011
Minor Monitor lets you see what your kids are doing on Facebook. “Well worth a look”. Continue reading »