Parental Resources


April 15, 2012
MinorMonitor recently took a survey and put the results into an easy to read infographic. Check it out! Read more…

Parental Controls

March 14, 2012
If the right measures of parental control are taken, protecting children in the online environment isn’t as difficult as it seems. Read more…
Cyber bullying | cyberbullying

Cyber Bullying

March 14, 2012
Combating the problem of cyber bullying must be a collaborative effort between parents, law enforcement, and those who have a willingness to put a stop to it by providing valuable tools for parents. Read more…

Facebook Safety for Kids

March 14, 2012
Social networking has become a hobby for even the youngest of children. Websites such as Facebook have quickly become the go to option for kids when they are bored or when they want to catch up with what is going on with their friends. The Kids Safety @ Facebook survey conducted by Minor Monitor found that 38% of all kids on Facebook are under the age of 13 despite the guidelines suggested for use by the website. It also found that 30% of children use Facebook for 2 hours or more each day. For this reasons, it is essential that parents are always thinking of safety first when allowing their kids to use the internet and social networking sites such as Facebook. Read more…

Online Predators | Internet Predators

March 14, 2012
Perhaps one of the most challenging problems that parents face when protecting their children in the online environment is protecting them from online predators. Sexual predators no longer have to take to the streets to find their next possible victim. All they have to do is simply target their next victim using websites such as Facebook or chat rooms. Research has shown that 82% of online sex crimes against minors begin with the offender using the child’s social networking site to gain information. The safety of children in the online environment should never be taken for granted. Parents must know of and use the many resources available to help protect their children from the dangers of the internet. Read more…

Internet Control and Safety Tips

March 14, 2012
It seems virtually impossible to shield children from the many dangers that exist online. Whether it is identity theft or online predators, parents should be overly concerned about their children each and every time they have access to the web. Studies have shown that parents are aware of the dangers that exist but many feel that “it could never happen to them” and proceed to let their children have uncensored access to websites such as Facebook. This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Parents must always have their guards up and vow to do what they can to protect their children. How? Protection comes through internet control. Being an overbearing parent is okay when it comes to protecting children from the many dangers that the internet possesses. What seems to be impossible is now possible with creative and inventive tools to help parents gain control over what their kids are doing while on the internet. Read more…